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Nanyang Synergy is a well established company  making all sorts of metal handles for brooms , mops and brushes. The company is founded in the year of 1997 in Penang, Malaysia.

We are now a leading metal handle manufacturer in this field and in order to keep on the pace on we have set up another plant in Fujian Xiamen in  the year of 2001. Currently we are able to produce of more than 40 million handles annually from both the Malaysia and China plants.

In order to secure our competitiveness and position as a regional market leader we have diversified our business into making finished products to provide one stop solution to our clients .

Today besides making good quality handles we also produce high quality buckets for both commercial and house hold grades, cellulose sponge mops, non woven strip mops and brooms. We can bundle these products together with the metal handles and send the finished products to our customers worldwide.